Siemens Dimension RxL Max System


Dimension RxL Max System

The Dimension RxL Max Integrated Chemistry System, the embodiment of Siemens commitment to provide innovative solutions that improve processes in the laboratory.          
The Dimension RxL Max System is founded on the belief that a product born of sound, purposeful design and forward thinking does not need to entirely change, but intelligently evolve and continually improve.          
Engineered for maximum performance, the Dimension RxL Max System remains true to the original concept while elevating performance to new heights. The result — the most powerful and technologically advanced Dimension Analyzer yet, and the new standard for excellence in clinical diagnostics. Simply put, the best — maxed.
Dimension RxL Max System
Height 68.2 in with monitor
Length 32.3 in
Weight 880 lbs
Width 62.5 in
Additional Specifications Room Environment           
Operating Temperature Room temperature must be 65–85°F (17–30°C) with a maximum fluctuation of 5°F (2.8°C) per hour. The system requires a maximum of 120 minutes to warm up from a cold start to the incubation temperature.           
Relative Humidity Maintain between 20% and 80%           
Average Thermal Output 4778 Btu/hr for each instrument           
Average Noise Output 10 megohms cm


  • Fully automated and integrated testing of over 80 methods           
  • Unprecedented 91 methods on-board concurrently           
  • Higher throughput with expanded reagent capacity for larger workloads           
  • Reagent Management System (RMS) module enables           
    - Double reagent capacity           
    - Ability to load up to 18 Flex® Reagent Cartridges at one time           
    - Separate reagent preparation probe improves instrument efficiency           
  • More results from one tube on one platform           
  • Actual throughput to handle peak workload           
  • Highly responsive           
    - Run any test, at any time on any sample type           
  • Auto-calibration of electrolytes (NA, K, CL)           
  • Truly integrated processing of chemistry with uncompromised throughput           
  • Single Station, Multi-Tasking Workstation Connectivity           
  • Connectivity to Siemens automation systems through Sample Transfer Module (STM)       


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