Siemens Dimension Xpand Plus System


Dimension Xpand Plus System

The Dimension Xpand Plus Integrated Chemistry System combines comprehensive STAT and routine chemistry testing on a single, compact, easy-to-use system. A highly versatile platform with the smallest footprint for an instrument of its capabilities, the Dimension Xpand Plus System is a great fit for a variety of laboratory settings.
Dimension Xpand Plus System
Height 45 in
Length 31 in
Weight 765 lbs
Width 51 in
Additional Specifications Room Environment       
Operating Temperature Room temperature must be 65–85°F (17–30°C) with a maximum fluctuation of 5°F (2.8°C) per hour. The system requires a maximum of 120 minutes to warm up from a cold start to the incubation temperature.       
Relative Humidity Maintain between 20% and 80%       
Average Thermal Output 3753 BTU/hr (1100 W)       
Average Noise Output 10 megohms cm       
Waste Requirements       
Liquid Waste Output 0.53 gal/hr (2.0 L/hr) at maximum throughput       
A 50-ft (15.2-m) tubing is supplied for external waste disposal. Maintenance of the waste tubing from the instrument to the disposal point is the responsibility of the user. The disposal point should be selected in accordance with local hazardous waste guidelines.


  • Compact yet powerful 
  • Comprehensive menu 
  • True Integration 
  • User-friendly 
  • Built-in automation 
  • Complete Confidence 
  • A history and heritage of performance 
  • Highly responsive — Run any test, at any time on any sample type 
  • Built-in automation 
  • Full disease-state profiling on a single analyzer — Over 90 methods and growing 
  • Truly integrated processing of chemistry with uncompromised throughput 
  • Consistency across all Dimension Xpand Plus and Rxl Max® platforms providing 
    synergy across testing sites 
  • Single Station, Multi-Tasking Workstation Connectivity 


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