ERBA Chem 7

Direct Access Clinical Chemistry System 
The Erba Chem 7 is a compactly designed, next generation clinical chemistry analyzer ideal for small to medium sized laboratories for reliable and accurate reporting.    
ERBA Chem 7
Light Source Quartz Halogen Lamp
Height 205 mm
Length 300 mm
Weight 7 kg
Width 450 mm


  • High performance         
  • Easy operation         
  • Direct access Keys         
  • Direct Printer Connectivity         
  • Monitoring of Q.C 
  • Open system with 10 analytical modes and 200 test programmable capacity 
  • Can be used for first hand screening of hormones & coagulation tests 
  • Unique triple cuvette facility 
  • 56 direct access keys for faster operation 
  • Optional dry block incubator & battery pack for mobile use 
  • Low reagent consumption 
  • Monitoring of QC 
  • Direct printer / keyboard connectivity     


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Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd. has a 100% subsidiary in Germany, Erba Diagnostics Mannheim GmbH. With its team of experienced marketing and service professionals...

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the machine doesn't perform the wash functioning during operation

the machine was not been used for a long time but the moment i started to use it it was displaying error in gain voltage and when i wanted to perform a wash test still it doesn't respond i tryed to perform the troubleshootings on the flowcell...

ERBA CHEM 7 not responding

After aspirating d.water for a test, the machine is not responding. only reset key working. (for 1-Point tests)

Dear Sir

What a procedure of lamp change for Model Chem 7. Please suggest me ASAP JUNED

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