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The ESU-2400 offers unprecedented features and capabilities, all in a self-contained "conventional" electrosurgery analyzer. Using internal precision non-inductive test loads in the range of 0 ohms to 6400 ohms in a previously unavailable 1 ohms increment, the ESU-2400 offers hospital end-users, ISO field service engineers and manufacturers compatibility.
Analyzer/Simulator Type ESU
Additional Specifications MEASUREMENTS  
A/D Resolution 14 Bits  
A/D Speed 64 MSPS  
Input Frequency Range 10 kHz - 10 MHz  
Measurement Accuracy 1% Reading  
Current Range  
2.0 to 700.0 mA RMS (Low Range)  
20 to 7000 mA RMS (High Range)  
Current Resolution  
0.1 mA RMS (Low Range)  
1 mA RMS (High Range)  
Power (Watts) Range 500 Watts  
Power Resolution (Watts) 0.1 Watt  
Crest Factor Range 1.4 to 500  
Crest Factor Resolution 0.1  
Input Voltage Range  
0.20 to 70.00 mV RMS (Low Range)  
20 - 700.00 mV RMS (High Range)  
Voltage Resolution  
0.01 mV (Low Range)  
0.1 mV (High Range)  
mV Peak/Peak-to-Peak Range 0.0 to 1.0  
mV Peak/Peak-to-Peak Resolution 0.1


  • Industry Standard RF Current Measurement  
  • Patent Pending DFA Technology Ultra High Speed Digitization of The Complex RF Waveform  
  • Compatible with The Latest ESU Generator Platforms by The Major ESU Manufacturers  
  • Continuous & Pulsed Output Waveform Compatible  
  • Embedded Real-Time Operating System with VGA Color Touch Screen Display  
  • Displays Up to 15 Different Measurement Parameters with User Selectable and  
    Definable Screens  
  • Internal Precision Test Loads From 1 ohms to 6400 ohms in 1 ohms Increments  


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Hi, The specificaion says the input frequency is 10kHz ~10MHz. I would like to know if it can test 10MHz ESU with loads?


Hi, I want to know how often an ESU 2400 should be calibrated, and if the producer does it itself.   Thanks

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