CareFusion Alaris MedSystem III 2865


Alaris MedSystem III 2865

The Alaris IVAC Medsystem III 2865 is an infusion pump that can be programmed to deliver at a specified rate or over a specific period of time.
Alaris MedSystem III 2865
Flow Accuracy ± 5 %
Flow Rate Range .1 to 999 ml/h
Infusion Pump Type General-Purpose
KVO Range .1 to 20 ml/h
Volume to be Infused .1 to 999 ml
Height 7.9 in
Length 2.1 in
Weight 5.1 lbs
Width 6 in
Additional Specifications Internal Battery Main – Rechargeable NiCad battery Pack. Memory back up – nonrechargeable Lithium.
Battery Capacity Minimum 6 hours with all three channels at 125 mL/hr
Power Requirements 6 watts AC power. 110/120 VAC, 60 Hz


  • Multi-channel infusion pump
  • Six selectable device types: general purpose, neonatal, controller pressure, O.R., general purpose II, and O.R. II
  • Drug dose calculator


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medsystem3 training video

does anyone have information on where i might be able to purchase a medsystem3 training video?

FMS Software for Alaris Med System Pumps

Where can I get a version of this software either online or inexpensively. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

pump continuously beeps with error (6,3) when turned on

What is causing this error? Thank you for your help!  

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