Smiths Medical Cadd Prizm 6100 & 6101


Cadd Prizm 6100 & 6101

The CADD-Prizm VIP Model 6100 and 6101 ambulatory infusion pumps have 4 delivery modes: PCA, Continuous, TPN, and Intermittent.
Cadd Prizm 6100 & 6101
Flow Accuracy ┬▒ 6 %
Infusion Pump Type Ambulatory
KVO Range 0 to 10 ml/h
KVO Rate 5 ml/h
Volume to be Infused 10 to 9990 ml
Height 5.6 in
Length 1.7 in
Width 4.1 in



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Clock Battery Replacement

Has anyone changed out the two clock batteries on this unit without losing the software, and if so, which of the two batteries controls the software and the BIOS? Is it even possible to complete this without losing the software?

Changing Clock Batteries

Hello, Im new onhere. Im with a company that does lots of work on infusion pumps, but nothing on the Cadd 6101's. We see alot of clock battery replacments from Smiths Medical on out companys pumps.  How would i go about changing...

Where to get CADD Prizm jumper jig?

I have a few 6101/6100 prizm pumps I want to replace internal batteries in, but need a "jumper jig" to do so in order for me not to have to reprogram the pumps. Does anyone know what it looks like or where I can get...

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