Dräger Narkomed 2B


Narkomed 2B

The NAD Narkomed 2B is one of their longest running and most reliable model lines. The 2B has O2 and N2O standard with optional medical air and holds 3 vaporizers. An AVE ventilator with F-Style ascending bellows is a standard feature with oxygen, volume & pressure monitoring. Drawer pack configurations may vary from picture.
Narkomed 2B
Gases Air, Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen
Scavenger Open or Closed Interface
Vaporizers (Max) Three
Vent Modes VCV, Manual/Spontaneous. Mechanical/pneumatic
Height 68 in
Length 25 in
Weight 325 lbs
Width 40 in


  • Ventilator options:Pneumatic or electronic, ascending or descending bellows      
  • Oxygen monitor and CO2 absorber standard      
  • AVE Electronic ventilator      
  • Absorber and scavenger      
  • Oxygen analyzer      
  • Breathing pressure monitor      
  • Respiratory volume      
  • Centralized alarm and data      
  • Oxygen ratio controller      
  • Pressure limit controller      


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ventilator switch

I can't move the lever from bag to auto to place the patient on the ventilator. Vent know is in the On position

narkomed 2b tubing connections

hi,im having problem with the tubing connections of my narkomed 2b.already checked it in tech manual but didnt see any diagram of gas selector switch and ormc.can anyone help me with this?please...thank you,arnold

Newport E360

Pls anyone can tell me how to install bios battery for computer board on newport E360 using cable CBL2132A. ( Plz with photo)

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Tubing replacement tip

I have found a simple trick to aid when replacing tubing on the NM2, 3 and 4's. I use a heat gun to turn the opaque tubing clear. It is best if you have a small diameter welding nozzle on the gun. The tubing is more flexible after treatment...

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