Planmed Sophie Classic


Sophie Classic

The Planmed Sophie Classic mammography units provide a cost-effective solution for mammography through a simplified basic design and modular structure. Whether you need a basic screening unit for high-volume mammography screening or a more versatile unit for more sophisticated diagnostic procedures, you will find the ideal configuration for your purposes from the Planmed Sophie Classic selection.
Sophie Classic
Mammography Type Analog X-ray


  • Thoughtful ergonomic design and fully motorized functions minimize the strain for the operator, providing maximum patient throughput  
  • Compact and functional design is valuable especially when the space in limited  
  • Smooth lines and comfortable skin covers provide improved patient comfort  
  • Advanced technical features, like high frequency generator and high speed tube, provide optimal image quality with lowest possible patient dose  
  • CR operation without CR interface adapter  


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Finnish Planmed Oy dedicates its effort to the development, manufacturing and marketing of advanced imaging equipment and accessories that provide a unique...

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