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Signa OpenSpeed 0.7T

The G.E. OpenSpeed 0.7T High-Field Open MRI takes on the architecture of the traditional (both sides opened) Open MRI scanner. Most Open MRI scanners operate at a lower magnetic field strength and receive a lower signal from the body. High-field MRI scanners rely on the tubular or cylinder form construction to produce strong magnetic fields. By using superconducting technology, the magnetic field strength of the G.E. OpenSpeed High-Field Open MRI has been increased to 0.7 Tesla. This is two to three times stronger than the traditional open MRI systems operating today. With the combination of high-performance surface coils and powerful computer processing power, the performance of this scanner is equivalent to that of a 1.0T High-Field MRI system. As opposed to the traditional open MRI systems, the images on the G.E. OpenSpeed 0.7 High-Field MRI have a higher quality and are done in a shorter time (3 times faster than most other Open MRI systems).
Signa OpenSpeed 0.7T
Clinical Use Whole Body
Magnet Type Superconducting
Magnetic Field Strength .7 T
Patient Weight Capacity 500
Weight 18200 lbs


  • Patient weight limit of 227 kg (500 lbs)
  • 0.7 Tesla magnet (length: 175 cm (5’9”))
  • Bore (tube) diameter 212 cm(W) x 250 cm(H)
  • Magnet weight incl. Helium only approx. (8,256 kg (18,200 lbs))


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second hand value

Hi, I am a general contractor.  I am renovating an MRI suite and removing a .7T MRI.  It is a functional magnet now.  Does it have any resale value?  Can it be parted out or sold as a 2nd hand system?

GE .7 Openspeed MRI

What is the highest temperature that the equipment control room be?

Vibration Threshold

Need specifications to look up the vibration damage threshold. The model # is 221300.

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