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People with diabetes using mealtime insulin have a lot to think about, particularly those who are varying their doses based on their glucose levels or what they eat; in both cases they need to make the right dosing decisions.

Calculating a mealtime insulin dose can be complex and challenging. Current methods for calculating insulin doses rely on the ability of the patient to quickly make complex calculations* in their head, so it's not surprising that sometimes they could get it wrong. And incorrect insulin dosing could mean either low or high blood sugar levels.

FreeStyle InsuLinx translates blood glucose and individual patient data into accurately calculated insulin dosing suggestions**


FreeStyle InsuLinx may be the right meter for you if you answer 'YES' to the following question:

1. Do you take rapid-acting insulin? (This could be insulin you take with meals in addition to the long-acting insulin that you might take once or twice a day)

Please note: the decision to use FreeStyle InsuLinx must be made with your Healthcare Professional. FreeStyle InsuLinx is only available via your doctor or nurse.

The FreeStyle InsuLinx calculator feature is only for use to calculate rapid-acting insulin dosing. It is NOT for use to calculate long-acting (background) insulin dosing. This feature requires an understanding of the use of insulin and patients need advice from a healthcare professional before use.


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Access code for Freestyle Insulinx please

Hi before I set about cracking this code of 5 figures, has anybody got them. I currently work out my changes etc and it would be nice if I could compare my workings with the machine.

insurance coverage

Is the insuLinx covered by Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Pa?

Insulinx meters

When will these meters be available to sell in a pharmacy?

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