Stryker 1061 Gynnie


1061 Gynnie

The Stryker Gynnie Gurney is the solution for labor and delivery needs in the hopital. Stryker combines their time-tested engineering with innovatitions for the OB department. This gurney is ideal for pelvic exams and general use, and can be used in any department with its multi-functional design. An adjustable footrest design allows the practioner to position the patient by one-handed operation. the 4" thick mattress provides support and comfort for extended time on the stretcher. Pop-up push handles and a retractable fifth wheel allow the gurney to be maneuvered easily around corners and down hallways for transport.
1061 Gynnie
Patient Weight Capacity 500 lbs
Height 36 in High, Low-22.5
Length 81.5 in
Width 31.5 in with siderails up


  • 26" wide patient surface  
  • Dual cylinder pneumatic backrest  
  • Dual side-mounted foot control hydraulics  
  • Retractable fifth-wheel steering  
  • Four-wheel, steel ring brakes  
  • Pop-up Push Handles  
  • Roller Bumpers  
  • Three IV Receptacles  
  • One-Handed Foot Section Release Lever  
  • Permanently-attached folding foot section  
  • Permanently-attached foot supports  
  • Break-away pelvic section  


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Stryker is a broadly based, global leader in medical technology that delivers exceptional results. We are one of the largest players in the $35.6 billion...

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We have a bed that the hole that supports the shaft of the fifth wheel is oblong, is there a kit to correct this problem?

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