Philips PageWriter TC30


PageWriter TC30

Advanced, yet easy to use, the PageWriter TC30 offers speed of operation in an attractive and affordable solution that can grow with you as your workflow evolves. Expect fast, efficient clinical workflow, combined with reliable operation for you and your patients.        
  • Easy to use 1-2-3 touchscreen operation is fast and intuitive       
  • Clinical Decision Support with world-class Philips DXL ECG Algorithm       
  • Scalable workflow to meet your needs now and in the future       
PageWriter TC30
EKG/ECG Type Rest


    Cardiology Department Manager       
  • 1-2-3 buttons light in sequence to guide the user       
  • User aids support high-quality ECG reports the first time       
  • High-performance that is cost-effective       
    Emergency Department Manager       
  • Quickly and easily see ST elevation       
  • ECGs needing immediate attention highlighted       
  • Robust and reliable member of the proven PageWriter TC series       
  • Industry-leading Philips DXL ECG Algorithm is your trusted second opinion       
  • Advanced STEMI diagnostic aids       
  • Touchscreen operation is fast and intuitive       
  • Trident lead wires reduce tangling and lead reversals       
  • Five minutes of patient ECG history are available for review and creation of ECG reports       
    IT Administrator       
  • ECG report export in PDF or XML format       
  • Advanced wireless capabilities – WPA2,       


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