Edan SE-3



Smart ECG SE-3 series are high-quality and affordable three-channel ECG units. Compact and light design makes it portable for any work situation.
EKG/ECG Type Rest


  • Foldable LCD screen with waveform display and parameters configurable   
  • High resolution thermal printer   
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, AC/DC power supply   
  • Well designed membrane keyboard   
  • Muti-languages selectable    
  • Data transmission to PC via RS232/Ethernet port   
  • USB Interface for patient data transportation   
  • Compatible with external printer for 12 leads simultaneous printing   
  • Complete digital filter, avoiding baseline drift, AC, EMG interference   
  • Automatic baseline adjustment to optimize printing position   
  • Copy mode for additional copies of the latest auto-tested ECG   
  • 3/6/12 leads display simultaneous   
  • Lead-Off detection and alert   
  • Selectable report options : auto, manual, rhythm and HRV analysis   
  • Interpretation tested with authoritative CSE database (option)   


  • Wide Screen
  • Narrow Screen
Wide Screen

Wide Screen

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Edan Instruments, Inc. is one of the leading medical equipment manufacturers in China. Located in Shenzhen, a major electronic center where talent and...

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Edan - SE-3

how to enter to "advanced setup"? i need password. i need clean internal memory

need service manual

the device doesn't power on. i found a broken mosfet on the battery pack. i replaced it and it works now (on another Edan SE-3). on the power supply section misses the "Main" 5VDC voltage but if i try to send it externally...

mike s.

How often does an Edan SE-3 ECG mon need the battery replaced?

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