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Dash 2000

The GE Dash 2000 Patient Monitor is a full-parameter vital signs monitor with ECG, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, SPO2, Heart Rate, Recorder, temperature and a color screen. This monitor is portable at 12 pounds, has a clear and easy-to-read display, uses Dinamap blood pressure technology, arrhythmia detection, and user-friendly menu options.


  • Accurate, reliable NIBP determinations   
  • Multiple leads assure uninterrupted monitoring and help detect localized events   
  • Incremental updating helps eliminate noise, for accurate tracking of subtle, progressive changes in beat shapes.   
  • Easy to use   


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Printer Rollers

Can the printer rollers be replaced or do we have to replace the whole printer on the GE DASH 2000? If they can be where can we get them?

SPO2 reading without sensor attached to patient.

The nurse reported SPO2 was reading a waveform and a reading with out the sensor attached to the patient. Could not duplicate the problem.

GE Dash recall software update

I just had all of my dash monitors updated.The monitors now auto admit is there anyway to turn off the auto admit feature?

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