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The Amsco 3080 features a radiolucent top and can be adjusted to Trendelenburg, back, side, foot and flex positions. It comes standard with a remote control for easy patient positioning.
Lateral Tilt 18 degrees
Patient Weight Capacity 500 lbs
Tredelenburg 25 degrees
Height 27 in to 44


  • Remote control         
  • C-ARM Compatible         
  • Return to level and special positioning models available         
  • Positions include: Trendelenburg, back (raise or lower), side (lateral tilt), foot (raise or lower), flex ("v" or inverted "v")         
  • Up to 500 lb capacity         


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In 1996 Steris Corporation aquired AMSCO to solidify it's line of operating room and surgical tables, surgical lights, examination lights, and and...

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3080 with Parker Hydraulics

I'm looking for the hydraulics diagram or service manual for a old version of the 3080 with Parker(blue aluminum hydraulic assemblies0 not the newer Swiss made Bieri hydraulics. Thanks.

Steris/Amsco 3080 RC surgical table

Does anyone have a downloadable copy of the maintenance manual for this table. Thanks


I was replacing the main batteries on a 3080 table today and noticed a leak. After removing the batteries is was apparent the leak is from a corroded hose right by the battery, must of been slight rubbing the hose. After contacting Steris for...

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