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Philips DuoDiagnost's smart combination of radiography and fluoroscopy in one system provides you with comprehensive clinical functionality in a cost-effective package for virtually all applications. As a remote-controlled fluoroscopy system, DuoDiagnost is suitable for all standard R/F procedures. However, at the mere touch of a button the system is converted into a universal radiography unit – without the need for a second X-ray tube – for all routine radiography procedures including lateral, thorax and tomography studies.
Motorized Tilting/Pivot Rotation 90 Remote controlled tiltable table, angle of tilt: 90/-15°
Source to Image Distance 43.3 in in coupled mode, decoupled mode-98.4" max
X-ray Generator Power Rating 80 Kw Optimus generator with 50 / 65 / 80 kW power options


  • The radiography flexibility you want, combined with the fluoroscopy functionality you need 
  • A compact design that allows for installation in small rooms 
  • Digital operation with all benefits of digital technology: time, cost and X-ray dose saving 
  • Enhanced throughput with an additional vertical Bucky 
  • Seamless integration into your DICOM network 
  • Excellent image quality at a low X-ray dose with Philips DoseWise concept 


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Service mode on duodiagnost

Hello, Can anyone help me with a problem? How can I enter the service mode on Philips Duodiagnost? I have Convertor motor fault error on display

Is the Philips Duodiagnost still in production?

Does anyone know if the Philips Duodiagnost is still in production?

Bucky Diagnost Optimus 80

Hello: I have a Philips Bucky Diagnost  Optimus 80 generator which turns on but the red light stays on and it beeps non stop. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Thank you, Dinu

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re: Philips Duodiagnost service manual needed

hello Philips I am looking DuoDiagnost technical manual. Thank you in advance.

re: Philips Duodiagnost service manual needed

hello Philips am looking DuoDiagnost technical manual. Thank you in advance.

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