Mortara ELI 230


ELI 230

Value without Compromise 
The ELI™ 230 electrocardiograph provides complete functionality in an ultra-portable, compact unit. Easy to use, the ELI 230 is a value electrocardiograph without compromise on features such as signal quality, accurate and reliable ECG interpretation, full-size printouts and much more. 
High-Resolution LCD Color Display 
Preview up to 12 leads simultaneously before printing. Heart rate, print speed and gain, filter, time, and menu selections are all visible at a glance. 
Mortara VERITAS™ Resting ECG Interpretation Algorithm
Internationally recognized Mortara resting ECG interpretation algorithm with adult and pediatric criteria provides a silent second opinion for 12-lead ECG interpretation. 
Choice of traditional (AM12™) or wireless ECG acquisition (WAM™) 
The ELI 230 electrocardiograph offers a choice of either the AM12 acquisition module or the WAM wireless acquisition module, both with replaceable lead wires and remote control of the ELI 230 with buttons for ECG acquisition and rhythm printing. 
Diagnostic Quality 
Mortara technology features full diagnostic ECG quality with a high-fidelity acquisition sampling rate of 40,000 samples per second per channel, a benefit for accurate pacemaker detection. 
Efficient Power Management 
The ELI 230 is powered by AC or an internal battery that only needs a recharge after 200 ECGs.
ELI 230
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Founded in 1982 by David W. Mortara, PhD, Mortara Instrument was born with a guiding philosophy: design to a need, keep it simple, and make it economically...

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