Philips Allura Xper FD10


Allura Xper FD10

Get the insight and control you need to perform challenging cardiac procedures with the Philips Allura Xper FD10 fixed X-ray system. Developed by a leader in cardiovascular imaging, this advanced hybrid room offers high resolution imaging to support minimally invasive cardiac surgery procedures, including percutaneous valve replacements. Philips’ advanced X-ray dose reduction features reduce radiation exposure for patients and staff.


Hybrid room offers high resolution imaging support during cardiac procedures 
  • Sharp visualization of small details and objects during minimally invasive cardiac surgery procedures 
  • StentBoost and Allura 3D-CA tools support treatment strategies for minimally invasive endovascular surgery procedures 
  • DoseWise offers low X-ray dose and excellent image quality for minimally invasive procedures 
  • Xper streamlines workflow during lengthy procedures 
  • View all multi-modality information in your work area 


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Fire X board

Cannot load sw to the system. No startup- no auto download. Board wold not accept software.  

Fire X brd. FDX calibration

I'd like to get a service manual for FD10 to be able to work on the Fire X brd. FDC2/X. Please send me a service manual. Email

Fire X board

Cannot load the fire X board.I need a service manual would someone have a service manual?Please let me know.E-mail: ejgamma@gmail.comThanks,Andy

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