A pleasant atmosphere, comfort, and short examination times are becoming increasingly more important in the radiology department. This is where our MULTIX systems really shine.


  • Ceiling-mounted solution for optimum table access, and adjustable table height 
  • Number one choice for fast and simple routine exposures of standing, sitting or recumbent patients 
  • Outstanding image quality with minimal dose 
  • Simple, ergonomic, accurate patient-oriented operation  




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Multix Collimator detent indicator issue

I have a Multix Top with a transverse detent " Amber Indicator" that does not come one when in position. I have talked with Siemens, went through the software calibrations. I have compared these calibrations with another room and these are...

x ray tube noisy

Our anode tube make noise in vertical position. If we change to the wall position the roar desappears.Any hints?

Multix TOP soft start circuit

Looking at a Multix Top table 00475509 (Early model with 2 transformers). No voltage to soft start circuit (Timer relay & K1) No idea where its fed from as circuit delivered with table G050G rev D is for single transformer model. Maybe also...

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