Physio-Control Lifepak 10


Lifepak 10

The Medtronic Physio-Control LIFEPAK 10 defibrillator/ monitor/pacemaker was designed to withstand the harsh environment faced by emergency medical providers throughout the world. This rugged, portable unit, which follows the tradition of the company's LIFEPAK 5 defibrillator/monitor, is built tough to withstand demanding field requirements.     
Lifepak 10
Defibrillator Type External, Automated (AED)
Weight 20 lbs
Additional Specifications
  • Battery:  3 NiCad batteries, 12V, 1.0 amp hours each.  A new Battery Pack registering at least 100% capacity on the Battery Support System will provide at a minimum: 45 minutes of monitoring or 30 minutes of pacing or 25 discharges at 360 joules per Battery Pack    
  • ECG Lead Selection:  Paddles, I, II, III    
  • Input:  Isolated ECG via quick-Look defibrillator paddlews, Fast Patch electrodes, or 3-lead patient cable.    
  • Cardioscope Display Size:  72.55 mm (2.85 in)  x 43.5 mm (1.7 in), non-fade.    
  • Defibrillator Waveform:  5 msec monophasic pulse (Edmark) per AAMI spec.    
  • Energy Select:  0, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 360 joules.    
  • Paddle Controls:  Charge (with indicator light); Record (activates strip chart recorder); Energy Select (rotating dial 0-360j); Discharge (dual energy discharge buttons, on on each paddle).    
  • Charge Time:  Charges to 360 joules in less than 12 seconds above 0°c.     
  • Paddle Area:  82 cm2    
  • Synchronizer:  Delivers energy discharge within 20msec of sync marker on cardioscope.    


  • Primarily used in Ambulances and Emergency Rooms    
  • Lightweight, portable defibrillator monitor    
  • Built-in Recorder    
  • Battery operated, AC adapter optional    
  • Requires seperate battery charging system    
  • Meets current ACLS standards    
  • Easy-to-read display    


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For more than 50 years Physio-Control, Inc., maker of renowned LIFEPAK® defibrillators, has been developing technologies and designing devices that...

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Auxiliary connection cord needed

Hi everyone.I am in need of an auxiliary ac connection cord from the lifepak 10 unit to the auxiliary power box. It is P/N 804219-02 I believe.Thanks!!

Lifepak 10 Issue

I have a Physio Control Lifepak 10 defib with the following problem:  When I set the charge to any value the defib charges with more joules than the selected value: ex: 50j selected the units delivers and shows in the display 80j, I select 360j...


hola, Preciso de la bobina de alta tensión el párrafo LIFEPAK10

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