Physio-Control Lifepak 10


Lifepak 10

The Medtronic Physio-Control LIFEPAK 10 defibrillator/ monitor/pacemaker was designed to withstand the harsh environment faced by emergency medical providers throughout the world. This rugged, portable unit, which follows the tradition of the company's LIFEPAK 5 defibrillator/monitor, is built tough to withstand demanding field requirements.     
Lifepak 10
Defibrillator Type External, Automated (AED)
Weight 20 lbs
Additional Specifications
  • Battery:  3 NiCad batteries, 12V, 1.0 amp hours each.  A new Battery Pack registering at least 100% capacity on the Battery Support System will provide at a minimum: 45 minutes of monitoring or 30 minutes of pacing or 25 discharges at 360 joules per Battery Pack    
  • ECG Lead Selection:  Paddles, I, II, III    
  • Input:  Isolated ECG via quick-Look defibrillator paddlews, Fast Patch electrodes, or 3-lead patient cable.    
  • Cardioscope Display Size:  72.55 mm (2.85 in)  x 43.5 mm (1.7 in), non-fade.    
  • Defibrillator Waveform:  5 msec monophasic pulse (Edmark) per AAMI spec.    
  • Energy Select:  0, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 360 joules.    
  • Paddle Controls:  Charge (with indicator light); Record (activates strip chart recorder); Energy Select (rotating dial 0-360j); Discharge (dual energy discharge buttons, on on each paddle).    
  • Charge Time:  Charges to 360 joules in less than 12 seconds above 0°c.     
  • Paddle Area:  82 cm2    
  • Synchronizer:  Delivers energy discharge within 20msec of sync marker on cardioscope.    


  • Primarily used in Ambulances and Emergency Rooms    
  • Lightweight, portable defibrillator monitor    
  • Built-in Recorder    
  • Battery operated, AC adapter optional    
  • Requires seperate battery charging system    
  • Meets current ACLS standards    
  • Easy-to-read display    


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For more than 50 years Physio-Control, Inc., maker of renowned LIFEPAK® defibrillators, has been developing technologies and designing devices that...

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fixing a monitor

My Lifepak 10c monitor suddenly stopped working, shows the rate on the other window, but the rythm isn't showing. It worked fine earlier in the day and suddenly wasn't later in the day. How do I trouble shoot or fix the problem?

Auxiliary connection cord needed

Hi everyone.I am in need of an auxiliary ac connection cord from the lifepak 10 unit to the auxiliary power box. It is P/N 804219-02 I believe.Thanks!!

Lifepak 10 Issue

I have a Physio Control Lifepak 10 defib with the following problem:  When I set the charge to any value the defib charges with more joules than the selected value: ex: 50j selected the units delivers and shows in the display 80j, I select 360j...

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