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The Stryker SmartPump tourniquet system continuously monitors and controls tourniquet pressure during surgeries. The system supports single- and dual-channel options and can communicate with OR software systems. After surgery this data can be printed and integrated with patient records.


  • Large LED screen display     
  • Minimizes staff training through simple cuff controls     
  • Displays and stores reliable, real-time data     
  • Includes a 5-hour, internal battery backup     
  • Interfaces with printer and external CIS devices     


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Stryker is a broadly based, global leader in medical technology that delivers exceptional results. We are one of the largest players in the $35.6 billion...

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Error Code 38

Anyone have any idea what the error codes are for the Smart Pump? I get 38, but i think it may be the battery... anyone???

Smart Pump Error 34

I have a Stryker Smart Pump Tourniquet giving an error 34. Does any one know what the cause is? I am thinking it is a POST failure, but am unsure since I do not have a manual. Thanks.

Stryker SmartPump Service Manual Or schematics

Is there anyone who has a source for a Stryker SmartPump  manual or schematics. Strykers answer is always send it in for Flat fee of $1500.00. please help if you can Thanks

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Stryker equipment not allowed in our facility.. you should not either.

Overall Satisfaction Rating: 1 out of 5
Reliability Rating: 3 out of 5
Ease Of Use Rating: 3 out of 5

Ever since Stryker began to refuse to offer service manuals to any of their equipment, our facility has outlawed their products from our facility...

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