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Passport 2

The Passport 2 makes monitoring simple. Rather than rummaging through layers of menus, there’s a Navigator™ knob. For frequently used functions, there are quick-action keys. Three waveforms will automatically reconfigure to six when needed. Colorful numerics automatically re-adjust to maximum size for optimal display visibility. Be amazed at what a difference a truly intelligent interface will make. Who would have thought it possible? A monitor that actually provides more while requiring less.


  • Dedicated function keys provide one-touch access to all vital functions    
  • Colorful waveforms with automatic display configuration simplify use and enhance display visibility    
  • Standard features include six waveforms, auto-adjustable large numerics, 3 or 5-lead ECG, lead-selectable respiration, non-invasive blood pressure, temperature, and Masimo SET® motion tolerant SpO2    
  • Optional features include arrhythmia analysis, 3-lead ST analysis with trends and alarms, Microstream® CO2, Nellcor® OxiMax® SpO2, two invasive blood pressures, and a dual trace recorder    
  • View 12™ ECG analysis module offers diagnostic quality 12-lead ECG interpretation with ST and arrhythmia analysis in a compact, easy-to-use module    
  • Gas Module 3 offers complete 5-agent auto-ID, CO2, O2 and N2O analysis for comprehensive and reliable gas monitoring    
  • Built-in PCMCIA ports allow you to upgrade software, enhance memory, and transfer data with minimal effort    
  • Integrated power supply with lithium-ion battery technology provides uninterrupted patient care during transport    




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Non-stop beep upon Power Up

Today my monitor was going to be used and upon powering up the unit beeps non-stop while the screen remains black. We keep it plugged in and have tried other outlets but the issue remains the same. Is there a way to reset the unit? Or is there...

black screen

i have a passport 2 that has always worked fine , i came in today and the screen stays black but the cuff inflates and the spo2 works? i can print out a reading and it is normal but nothing shows up on the screen? can anyone tell me where to start ?

Printer only prints in Diags mode.

Hello,   We have a couple of units that only prints in Diags mode. We change the printers and the controller boards (We even use the correct ones according with the unit configuration). Any suggestions?  

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Set the date and time on the Passport 2 Monitor

How do I set the date and time on the Passport 2 Monitor? 1. Turn on the Passport 2 and wait for the monitor to show the normal operating screen. 2. Rotate the Navigator™ Control Knob to Monitor Setup and press to enter. 3. Rotate the...

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Price: $84.15


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Datascope Passport 2 with CO2, MasmioSET SpO2, NIB, Temp, ECG, Comm Port

Price: $1,499.00


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Datascope 0012-00-1261-09 Passport Compatible Leadwires *Untested

Price: $14.99


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Datascope Passport 2 Patient Monitor & Gas Module II 5 Agent Monitor

Price: $2,199.00


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