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The Puritan Bennett 7200 respiratory ventilator has an advanced micro-processor design that offers CMV, assist/control, SIMV, CPAP, PEEP, and sigh controls. This critical care ventilator has a built-in nebulizer, air/oxygen blender, and variable pressure waveforms. Data is clear on the digital display and easy to input with the keyboard control.


  • State-of-the-art gas delivery system.                             
  • Demonstrated track record of reliability                             
  • Full-featured microprocessor-controlled ventilator with 7202 display screen.                             
  • Gas delivery features - Flow-by®, Pressure Support, Pressure Control Ventilation                             
  • Patient monitoring features - Graphics 2.0, Respiratory Mechanics, Auto-PEEP                             
  • Communications features - RS-232, Digital Communications Interface (DCI 2.0)                             
  • Optional 7250® Metabolic Monitor                             
  • Integrated safety systems                              


7200 Ventilator

7200 Ventilator

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Puritan Bennett has been a provider of respiratory products since 1913 originally as a medical gas supplier. In addition to critical care ventilation,...

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Can the PB840 be used without an air connection?

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Need Service Manual with wiring scemetic


can this ventilator 7200 puritan bennett put a back up batteries especially needed during brownout?if not why?

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