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Eclipse LE II

Simple, intuitive operation with an impressive range of features make the Eclipse LE II an excellent choice for everyday ECG operation. The full-sized reports eliminate mounting time and costs. The full-sized alphanumeric keyboard allows you to enter patient information onto the report. And, it is upgradable to exercise stress, allowing you to add another reimbursable procedure to your practice at an affordable price.
Eclipse LE II
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Burdick has over 50 years of ECG experience as the leading supplier of EKG machines to physician's offices. Cardiac Science products are marketed...

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LE II Can't change date/time or remove

I bought a used Eclipse LE II that was nonfunctioning.  I replaced a fuse and it works again, but t cannot correct an incorrect time.  Also, the name of the clinic that had it previously prints in the middle of the bottom of the page...

Eclipse LE II will not work on battery

My Eclipse LE II will not work on battery, tried new battery and unit shuts off as soon as i remove AC, also no indication of battery charging going on.

noise pacer

please indicate what "noise pacer" refers to in Eclipse LE/LE II

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