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The Quest system is right for offices looking for value, simplicity, and increased patient throughput. The system is easy to use because it features a touch screen with convenient pull-down menus for intuitive workflow. Our proprietary Logistep guide walks users through the test by highlighting the next step. We put everything you need on one screen, so there's no need for toggling among screens. And to save you time, we added an easy way to correct unintentional phase changes without having to start all over again.
EKG/ECG Type Stress
Image Display 15 in High-resolution color with integrated touchscreen
Weight 170 lbs


  • Eleven standard, preprogrammed protocols 
  • Performs both resting 12-lead ECGs and stress tests 
  • Touch screen interface 
  • Logistep software guides testing, step by step 
  • Option to use the University of Glasgow ECG interpretation algorithm 
  • Compatible with Ethernet protocols, our Pyramis data management system, and our HeartCentrix connectivity solution 
  • Warranty: 3-Year Parts and 1-Year Labor 


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Burdick has over 50 years of ECG experience as the leading supplier of EKG machines to physician's offices. Cardiac Science products are marketed...

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Burdick Quest TM600

I have a customer with the above unit, they are having issues with their touch screen. Is there anyone who can tell me the specific steps to re-calibrating the ELO display (ET1525C)? I know I have done it before, but it has been a long time and I...

comunication with cpu

Can not select multiple studies in Post Study Work.

Hi, We have Burdick Quest 4.22. We try to clean up some of the old studies. According to the manual, we should be able to select multiple studies to delete them, but we can only select 2 (the most); if we touch another study, it goes back to 0...

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