Philips iE33 Echocardiography


iE33 Echocardiography

Keeping pace with the clinical needs of managing patients with cardiac disease, such as heart failure, valvular disease, and congenital heart disease, calls for unprecedented levels of image quality, quantification, clinical performance, and information management. The iE33 intelligent echo system is addressing this growing requirement with complementary 2D and volumetric Live 3D imaging and quantification. These tools help you find detailed information related to cardiac disease management: structure, efficiency, size, flow and function.                              
With Live 3D Transesophageal Echo (TEE), clinical cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, anesthesiologists, interventional cardiologists, and echocardiographers can see cardiac structure and function never seen before. It’s real-time displays of the beating heart from new perspectives. It’s quick, accurate, reproducible and quantifiable.
iE33 Echocardiography
Cart Based Yes
Clinical Applications Anesthesia
Doppler Modes Color Doppler and CW/PW Doppler
Imaging Capabilities 2D/3D
Additional Specifications The following transducers are Philips IE33 probes: Philips S5-1, Philips S8-3, Philips S12-4, Philips X3-1, Philips X7-2, Philips X7-2t, Philips S7-3t, Philips C5-1, Philips C5-2, Philips C8-5, Philips C9-4, Philips L11-3, Philips L9-3, Philips L15-7io, Philips D2cwc, Philips D5cwc, Philips D2tcd, Philips S7-2, Philips S8-3t, and Philips TY-306


  • S5-1 transducer with exclusive PureWave crystal technology provides striking 2D clarity and color sensitivity                              
  • X3-1 with xMATRIX array technology incorporates the processing power of 150 computer boards for real-time 3D volume rendered imaging                              
  • xMATRIX transducer technology incorporates exclusive micro-beamforming circuitry designed to support up to 3,000 individual active elements                              
  • Live xPlane imaging                              
  • SonoCT real-time compound imaging                              
  • XRES image processing                               




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Philips simplifies healthcare by focusing on the people in the care cycle – patients and care providers. Through combining human insights and clinical...

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IE 33 Control Panel articulating arm

I have an IE33 that appears to have a leaky gas shock that controls the up/down movement of the control panel. The echo tech mentioned the control panel would slowly drift downward when he was seated during stress echo studies. Of course, the...

IE33 UAVIO issues

Anyone have issues with network connectivity? I have a unit that simply will not connect to the network. Tried known good cables, known good jack, and another machine side by side. I put in back up hard drives and this did nothing (hoping there was...

IE33 Continuous Wave and Pulse Wave

My IE33 is having intermitten problem with CW and PW not working properly.  We replaced the NAIM board and still its very intermitten.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Is there a fix other than possible software reload.

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