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BTS 350

BTS 350 is a semi automated biochemistry analyser from Biosytems.Used for all Biochemistry Tests. Amylase (Kinetic), Acid Phosphatase (Kinetic), Blood Sugar, Blood Urea, Serum Creatinine, Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Lipid Profile, SGOT, SGPT, Alkaline Phosphatase, Total Protiens, Serum Albumin, Calcium, Phosphorous, Etc.


  • Complete Range of LEDs (340-405,505,535,560,600,670nm)  
  • Durable, humidity Proof Hard Coated Filters + 2 free positions  
  • Black BOX-Optics Sealed Optic Systems-no Filter Wheel  
  • Battery Pack Power Failure (2 hrs)  
  • Monochromatic/Bichromatic Reading  
  • Photometric Rang (0.0 to 3.5A) for all Wavelengths  
  • Sipping volume from 100 µL- 5000 µL  
  • Temp. System from 25° - 40°C (1° C increment) controlled by Peltier  
  • Flow Cuvette 18 µL  
  • Ergonomic designed accessible Pulse for sample loading  
  • Prog Memory up to 150 Techniques  
  • Backlit Graphic Display 320 x 240 pixels with contrast settings  
  • Tactile Membrane Keyboard  
  • USB and serial RS-232 for external Computer Use  
  • Thermal Printer (easy loading)  
  • Patient Result up to 2000 with blank and calibration values can be stored  
  • Levy-Jennings QC chart based on Westgard's rule  
  • Calibration by Factor, single calibrator or calibration curve  
  • Kinetics by Linear Regression  
  • PC Communication 


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