Zeiss Meditec OPMI PROergo



OPMI® PROergo from Carl Zeiss opens new dimensions of vision. It enables you to clearly view even the most difficult-to-see regions. The coaxial illumination puts light exactly where it is needed. Even root canals are perfectly illuminated and visualized. You won’t miss a single detail. 
OPMI PROergo combines brilliant optical quality with working and operating comfort to deliver a uniquely designed product. From the cables to the control console, Carl Zeiss has expertly integrated each part for optimal operation and a clean, sleek appearance. 
OPMI PROergo is a system of almost unlimited possibilities. Due to stereo co-observation tube or integrated video camera your assistant can follow the procedure live. 
SpeedFokus simplifies microscope adjustments as a result of its fast, precise and automatic focus. It represents a potentially significant contribution towards increasing the efficiency of the surgical workflow.


  • Integrated light source 
  • Integrated backup lamp module  
  • Motorized Varioskop™ 
  • Free Float Magnetic System 
  • Ergonomically designed handgrips with function keys  
  • ZoomLink focus and ZoomLink illumination 
  • Control console  
  • Foot control panel (optional) 
  • Angled optics and tube dovetail (optional) 




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