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The 3080-R Remanufactured Amsco Surgical Table is a mobile, electro hydraulically operated surgical table designed to support general surgical procedures. All 3080-R table articulations for patients up to 600 lb (272 kg) in weight, normally positioned, can be safely performed with the floor locks LOCKED.


Additional Amsco 3080 SP Surgical Accessories Packages further enhance posturing capabilities. NOTE: When performing surgery requiring a headrest accessory in a REVERSED patient orientation, do not exceed the 500 lb (227 kg) patient weight limit.


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Amsco 3080 SP BAttery Issue

Having an issue with the table not running off the batteries. It will run plugged into the wall. I disconnected the batteries and measured the voltage on each at 13v fully charged. (12 volt battery) To me it seems like a control board issue. Has...

need expert info/advice

I have a 3080 RL/SP (BE587283 actual model) with multiple problems: blown fuse in fuse drawer, shorted full wave bridge, flaky circuit breakers, bad motor batteries, auxiliary switches activate relays but not solenoids (even with good motor...

Looking to fix our 3080 STERIS RC

Hi, we are looking for P764328571 rplacment kit for our broken RC.   If someone know where to buy for reasonable price please contact me.   Thanks...

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