HESKA HemaTrue Hematology Analyzer


HemaTrue Hematology Analyzer

The HemaTrue analyzer delivers accurate results in only 55 seconds and with only 20 µL (about one drop) of blood. Ease-of-use features include a color LCD touch-screen, step-by-step instruction screens, an on-board blood mixer, and an integrated bar code reader.
HemaTrue Hematology Analyzer
Height 16.1 in
Length 18.1 in
Weight 39.68 lbs
Width 11.4 in
Additional Specifications Measuring Principle RBC, WBC, PLT: Impedance, with individual cell analysis 
Measuring Principle HGB: Photometer, Cyanide-free method 535 nm ±5 nm 
Discriminator Configurations: Pre-programmed for dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, horse and cow. Additional discriminator configurations available upon request. 
Sampling System: Closed shear valve 
Parameters Reported: Leukocytes: WBC, LYMPH#, MONO#, GRAN#, LYMPH%, MONO%, GRAN%, WBC Histogram Erythrocytes: HCT, MCV, RDWa, RDW%, HGB, MCHC, MCH, RBC, RBC Histogram Platelets: PLT, MPV, PLT Histogram 
Aspirated Blood Volume (open tubes): <125 Μl 
Blood Volume Using the Micropipette Adapter (MPA): 20 Μl 
LCD: Graphical color touch screen, 240 columns x 320 rows 
Keyboard: Virtual incorporated keyboard (external keyboard optional) 
Analysis Time: <1 minute 
QC Capabilities: Complete automation, including positive lot and expiry monitoring, result evaluation, and trend-tracking with Levy-Jennings plots. 
Floating Discriminator WBC/PLT: Yes (position printed) 
Automatic HGB Blank on Each Sample: Yes 
Bar Code Reader Input: Yes 
Temperature: 18–32° C (64–90° F) 
Humidity (none condensing: Up to 80% 
Data Transfer: RS–232C interface (1 port), USB interface (3 ports)


  • [b]Color LCD Touch-Screen:
    Provides easy navigation. 
  • Step-by-Step Instruction Screens: System prompts reduce the need for training. 
  • On-board Blood Tube Mixer: Mix samples in as little as one minute. 
  • 2 ways to Introduce a Sample: 
    1. Whole Blood Sample Probe: Aspirates from an EDTA tube. 
    2. True20™ Sampling for Small or Dehydrated Patients: Requires only 20 Μl (about one drop) of blood. 
  • Integrated Bar Code Reader: Managing quality control is faster and easier than ever. 
  • Color-Coded Reagent System: A convenient tray houses reagent bottles; color-coded caps protect reagents from environmental contaminants. 


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HemaTrue Hematology Analyzer

Heska's HemaTrue Hematology Analyzer delivers excellent precision and accuracy for hematology/blood testing with results in as little as one...

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