Invivo 4500 MRI


4500 MRI

As a stand-alone SpO2 unit; the Invivo 4500 MRI Pulse Oximeter uses advanced fiberoptic technology to provide accurate SpO2 readings and heart rate measurements during magnetic resonance imaging.      
Invivo's MRI sensors feature advanced fiberoptic cable that minimizes the risk of patient injury from radio frequency (RF) current. The convenient, comfortable sensors can be used on a variety of sampling sites in neonate, pediatric and adult patients.      
The Invivo 4500 MRI Pulse Oximeter is specifically designed for use in the magnetic resonance imaging environment. It eliminates RF interference and oximeter RF leakage problems. Total MRI compatibility allows clear, undistorted MR images and consistent accuracy of SpO2 and heart rate measurements.      
The Invivo 4500 MRI Pulse Oximeter features clear, bright red LED displays for SpO2 and Heart Rate, a bright red LED pulse bar to determine signal quality and a Smart Display message center for ease in sensor placement and troubleshooting. 
4500 MRI
Height 3.25 in
Length 10.25 in
Weight 5.6 lbs
Width 6.63 in


  • Fiberoptic SpO2 Technology      
  • Heart Rate and SpO2 Values      
  • Adult, Pediatric & Neonatal      
  • Grip Sensor Compatible      
  • Bright LED "Smart Display"      
  • Battery Operation     




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Invivo is the world leader in Innovative MRI coils and MRI monitoring. Our pioneering work has improved MR image quality, diagnostic confidence and patient...

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I would like to buy Grip Sensor adult, pediatric and infant for INVIVO 4500. Could you send your offer: With kind regards

Invivo 4500 MRI User Manual and System Description

Does anybody know where can I get the User Manual and System Specs for the Invivo 4500 MRI Pulse Oximeter? Thank you!

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