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The online Medical Advisors’ Platform enables members of the Philips Medical Advice Networks to exchange ideas and information. The AdvisoryNet app has been designed to easily access the information available on the Medical Advisors’ Platform via Android Phone.     
Download this app for Android 
Download this app for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad
App Size 5.0M
App Type Medical
Requires Android 2.2 and up
Requires iOS 3.2 or later


The AdvisoryNet Android app features:     
  • Announcements: Read, apply rating and comment     
  • Library Item: Read, apply rating and comment     
  • Survey: Fill out survey and view results, apply rating and comment     
  • Photo Album: View Photos and download photos onto the Android Phone, make a photo and directly publish the photo via the app.     
Disclaimer: This application only works if you have a username and password and are authorized to use Philips’ Medical Advisors Network website.


Manuals and Resources

Note: We appreciate the support of individuals and companies making their documents and resources available to our community. If you find a document or resource that does not belong please let us know by emailing

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