Siemens syngo®.via WebViewer


syngo®.via WebViewer

The syngo®.via WebViewer application provides access anywhere* to image data using standard viewing tools on your mobile device.    
The client-server architecture does not require DICOM image data or confidential patient information to be retained on the device, providing clinicians with instant access while ensuring data security**.    
The syngo.via WebViewer also provides a demonstration mode that allows you to try out the app using our demonstration servers. When you install the app for the first time and run it, it will ask if you want to connect to a demonstration server. The App than allows you to automatically find a demonstration server where you can view real clinical cases.    
The WebViewer mobile client is an extension to the syngo.via solution and cannot operate without the syngo.via product from Siemens AG, Healthcare.    
Download this app for iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad
syngo®.via WebViewer
App Size 3.5MB
App Type Medical
Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later


Product features include:    
  • Work list: Recent study list and search    
  • 2D/3D viewing    
  • MIP / MPR / VRT    
  • Network: Wi-Fi and 3G/4G support    
Getting started on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad***:    
  • Register as a user (contact your system administrator)    
  • Define the server you are registered on:    
  • Server name and server address    
  • Select "secure connection"    
  • When launched, the list of patients is provided, with study data    


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