GE Healthcare Precision 500 D


Precision 500 D

It starts with the imaging chain, which features a 12-bit CCD-based camera.Then there’s AutoEx, which automatically adjusts key image-acquisition parameters in real time for optimum quality. Meanwhile, closed-loop Automatic Brightness Control and patented extended Dynamic Range circuitry maintain contrast and minimize blooming.
Precision 500 D
Height 34.8 in
Length 83.9 in
Maximum Focal Spot 73.5 in
Motorized Tilting/Pivot Rotation ± 90
Width 28.3 in
X-ray Generator Power Rating 80 Kw


  • Ergonomic SMART Handle table positioning and tube controls enhance productivity and patient comfort.
  • Automated dose and image management tools reduce radiation to help protect both patient and technician.
  • 12-bit CCD-based camera, 1024 x 1024 imaging matrix and the Fluoro Noise Reduction (FNR) algorithm combine to create an imaging chain that produces images of extraordinary clarity.




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Can flashpad be used with this system?

I have an Optima 220 and want to use the flashpad when it;s not in use with the portable.   What is needed on the P500 to make this happen?

Focal Spot Distance - Under table tube to table top

Can't find this anywhere.  FS to Fluoro TT distance ?


does my precision D track repeat rate?  

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