GE Healthcare Precision 500 D


Precision 500 D

It starts with the imaging chain, which features a 12-bit CCD-based camera.Then there’s AutoEx, which automatically adjusts key image-acquisition parameters in real time for optimum quality. Meanwhile, closed-loop Automatic Brightness Control and patented extended Dynamic Range circuitry maintain contrast and minimize blooming.
Precision 500 D
Height 34.8 in
Length 83.9 in
Maximum Focal Spot 73.5 in
Motorized Tilting/Pivot Rotation ± 90
Width 28.3 in
X-ray Generator Power Rating 80 Kw


  • Ergonomic SMART Handle table positioning and tube controls enhance productivity and patient comfort.
  • Automated dose and image management tools reduce radiation to help protect both patient and technician.
  • 12-bit CCD-based camera, 1024 x 1024 imaging matrix and the Fluoro Noise Reduction (FNR) algorithm combine to create an imaging chain that produces images of extraordinary clarity.




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does my precision D track repeat rate?  

Table only rotates in 3 degree increments

I have an issue with a Precision 500D table that when rotated will stop after 3 degree's, then you have to press rotate again and it will go another 3 degree's ....etc. G.E. came in the last time and apparently took the table off the mount...

institution name on send images

when send images to PACS institution name doesn't appear on images. can't find any settings to check. this. youe help is appreciated.

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