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Voluson P8

Voluson* Women’s Health ultrasound has developed a strong reputation for high performance – from its exceptional 2D image quality, practical volumetric tools, and innovative probes, to the streamlined ergonomics that help drive efficient workflow.         
Now those established benefits have been combined into the new Voluson P8 – an affordable way to acquire your first Voluson and bring the benefits of this high performance ultrasound to your patients.         
An excellent entry-point to the Voluson family, a Voluson P8 system delivers hard-working capabilities that fit your practice, your patient base, and your budget...with an upgrade pathway that can help keep your system current for years to come.
Voluson P8
Cart Based Yes
Clinical Applications General
Color-flow Mapping Yes
Doppler Modes Spectral Doppler Mode (PW, CW)
Height 57 in
Image Display 15 in
Imaging Capabilities 2D/3D
Imaging Mode B/M
Length 26.4 in
Portable Yes
Weight 143 lbs
Width 16.5 in
Additional Specifications Electrical power         
Voltage: 100-120 VAC, 220-240 VAC         
Frequency: 50/60 Hz          
Console design         
3 Active Probe Ports         
Integrated HD (500 GB)


  • Lightweight and portable         
  • High Resolution Flat Panel Display 15”         
  • Real-Time 4D         
  • 3D Multiplanar Display         
  • Automatic Optimization (AO)         
  • CrossXBeamCRI* (CRI)         
  • SonoNT         
  • SonoRender Start         
  • Anatomical M-Mode         
  • On Board Archive including Preview and Pre-selection         


  • Voluson P8
  • Voluson P8
  • Voluson P8
Voluson P8

Voluson P8

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My machine was in a public storage for 2 months. After carefully transporting to my new office it is really sliw! Takes 3 seconds to unfreeze & make & finish a measurement. When I use the depth or any other knob function the image freezes for 3...


My ultrasound system was in a storage unit for 2 months. This week I carefully moved it to my new office. It takes 3 seconds to unfreeze & take measurements. When im scanning in real-time & I adjust the depth or any knobs the image freezes for 3...

Increase ram memory or make more fast sotware

Hello I need accelerate my ultrasound. Voluson P8,please help me. Or give a more better solutions, because my machine its to slow ThanksMy mail

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