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X-Porte App

Discover more about SonoSite's new ultrasound kiosk and virtually tour its leading-edge innovations. Explore X-Porte's many facets, access and download its full library of Visual Guide 3D animation videos, and invite others to enjoy the interactive experience by sharing the X-Porte app.   
Available in a stationary or detachable configuration, the world's first ultrasound kiosk integrates advanced signal processing for high-resolution imaging, onboard 3D animated educational guides, and a cutting-edge multi-gesture user interface. The X-Porte ultrasound system introduces a groundbreaking technology along with an entirely new approach to point-of-care ultrasound.   
On one side of this app, you can interactively discover every facet of the new X-Porte, and on the other side, you have access to X-Porte's full library of Visual Guide 3D animation videos. (These are the same videos you can access on the ultrasound system itself.)    
If you have any questions during your tour of the product, just hit the menu button in the bottom left corner to access more options for learning about X-Porte, such as visiting the Product Page, or scheduling a phone call with one of our representatives.   
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Take a closer look at the latest from SonoSite: X-Porte Ultrasound Kiosk.   
App Features:   
  • Interactive product exploration   
  • Pop-up windows with videos and more information   
  • Dynamic product photography   
  • Interactive technical specifications   
  • Ability to schedule appointments with SonoSite reps and share your application with your colleagues   
  • Full-featured video library with the ability to download, search, share, and favorite video content
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