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Neptune 2

The Neptune 2 waste management system minimizes risk to healthcare workers by virtually eliminating harmful exposure to fluids and smoke in the operating room. A totally closed, all-in-one unit, it collects and disposes of surgical waste without operator assistance. It prevents contact with infectious fluids and surgical plumes. In addition, it’s ready for use on more cases because it works so quickly and efficiently. It’s everything you expect from Neptune – and more.


Neptune 2 is powerful protection for today’s surgical environment. Key advantages include:  
  • Large rotating digital display allows for better visibility in the OR  
  • Two independently adjustable suction lines with 2-21 in/Hg range  
  • Dual Canister design – 4L and 20L capacity  
  • Fluid volume measurement for every 20 ml of fluid collected  
  • Totally closed system protects staff from splash exposure  
  • New manifold design  
  • Quiet smoke evacuator with ULPA filter  
  • Enclosed canister for easy exterior cleaning 


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HEPA Filter in the Stryker Neptune

I know there is a filter in the smoke evacuator.  Is there also a hepa filter that the exhaust runs through?  How often does that need to be changed?

Service Manual & PM Kits

Does anyone have a Service manual or know where to get one to do a PM ? How much are PM kits ? Thanks  

Docking Station Instruction for Use

Any suggestions on where to find the Instruction for Use for the Docking Station.

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