International Biomedical Voyager Lightweight Multipurpo


Voyager Lightweight Multipurpo

Using popular Model 20H/20L incubators as a starting point, International Biomedical has lightened the designs even more for the Voyager LightWeight.
In addition, the incubator models include a new display, improved thermal function, and further expanded options for monitoring and ventilation while retaining the same footprint from the 20H/20L that is already compatible with most systems for ground and air transport.
Voyager Lightweight Multipurpo
Additional Specifications

    Standard Components
  • Double-wall hood with full 360° visibility
  • Head access door
  • Front access door with two hand ports
  • Accessory ports for IV and respiratory tubing
  • Mattress
  • Humidity Reservoir
  • High-intensity exam light
  • Skin temperature probe
  • Oxygen blender with flowmeter (0-16 lpm)
  • AC power outlets for accessories
  • Disposable restraint straps
  • Noise level <60 dB
  • Meets standards for: CSA, ETL, UL, IEC, and the U.S. Air Force
    Electrical Specifications
    AC power
  • 115 VAC 50-400Hz
  • 230 VAC 50-400Hz
    External DC power
  • 12 VDC
    Internal Battery
  • 12 VDC 26AH sealed lead/acid gel type


Voyager on Air/Oxy Cart
Classic configuration of our latest model transport system is lightweight, compact, easily maneuverable, capable of locking into existing ambulances, holds 4 “e” or 2 large cylinders and has room for storage.

Airsled on Stretcher
Teams that will utilize both air and ground transport vehicles will benefit from the airsled and stretcher combination. This setup safely enables the user to transport by air or ground with no modification to the system. Additionally, the tank enclosure will hold 4 “e” cylinders or 2 large cylinders and is also a
mounting base for devices such as nitric oxide delivery systems with a nitric cylinder as pictured.

Dedicated Ambulance Transport

With all the features of the above unit, this system easily loads into an ambulance designed for use with adult stretchers. It is perfect for hospitals that do not have a dedicated ambulance for neonatal transport.




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voyager transport incubator

me envía la factura proforma, Catálogo PDF y certificados. 2 equipos incubadora de transporte modelo Voyager con ventilador

air filter

where is the air filter located on Voyager 769-  and i need an item number for the air filter if possible.   thank you  

servo temp control

just wondering if it is possible to set the voyager infant transport isolette temperature to servo mode so baby controls the temp of the isolette during transport

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