GE Healthcare OEC Fluorostar 7900


OEC Fluorostar 7900

GE Healthcare continues its technical leadership in fluoroscopic imaging with the OEC Fluorostar 7900. This system provides imaging in multiple applications and versatile clinical environments.

The Fluorstar 7900 provides 1K x 1K high-resolution imaging for multiple applications in a wide variety of clinical environments.

Not available for U.S. market.
OEC Fluorostar 7900
Maximum Focal Spot 1.5 mm /.5mm
X-ray Generator Power Rating 2.2 Kw


  • Imaging processing 1K x 1K
  • Pulsed Fluoroscopy, pre-defined modes for dose optimization
  • PreView Iris/ Dual leaf collimator enables placement of shutter, reducing overall dose to patients and staff
  • Dual side Laser Aimer helps align anatomy with precision from Image Intensifier and tube side
  • SIMPLE Touch Screen User Interface
  • 60,000 image storage in system hard drive
  • CD Burner for image transfer in bmp or jpeg format
  • USB port for plug-and-play image transfer to your PC
  • Integrated DICOM


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Service Manual OEC Fluorostar 7900

Hello. I'm looking for a OEC Fluorostar 7900 service manual. Thank you for your help.

Service manual

Hello, I'm looking for a service manual of this equipment. Thank you for your help

OEC 7900 Fluorostar

Hi! i'm looking spare part for fluorostar 7900.

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