Gaymar MEDI-THERM MTA 7900



Clinical applications include warming for perioperative normothermia, actively rewarming trauma patients and acute hypothermia victims; and for actively cooling febrile patients, and providing therapy for patients with cerebral trauma or malignant hyperthermia. The American Heart Association 2005 Guidelines recommend that unconscious adults with Return of Spontaneous Circulation after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest should be cooled to 32°C to 34°C for 12 to 24 hours (Circulation 2005:IV-84-IV-88). More care facilities are considering and implementing a new approach to temperature management therapy called Induced Mild Hypothermia. The Medi-Therm® is an ideal device to use for this application.
Additional Specifications Temperature:  
  • (Patient (Auto)): 30-41C (86-105F), water (Manual mode): 4-42C (39.2-107.6F)  
    Uses 10 quarts of distilled water  
  • 500 watt  
  • 1/3rd horsepower system, R-134a (Freon free)  
  • Separate hot and cold reservoirs  
  • 120 VAC 11.5 amps 60 Hz  
  • Magnetically coupled (sealless to prevent pump leaks) 16 gph minimum flow rate with blanket  
  • Hospital grade power cord  
  • 37X14X19 inches (94X35X46 cm)  
  • 2 years limited, 5 years limited pro-rated on the compressor  
  • 125 empty. 142 full
  • Features

  • Automatic mode for reduced nurse intervention (includes Rapid, Moderate and Gradual settings)  
  • Rate-controlled warming offers the option of moderate (.33°C/hour) or  
  • Gradual (.17°C/hour) warming rates  
  • Provides regulated therapy with microprocessor accuracy and reliability  
  • Separate heating and cooling reservoirs for quick and effective therapy with continuous water flow  
  • Dual over-temperature systems with both visual and audible alerts to ensure caregiver and patient safety  
  • Interfaces with all YSI400 series temperature probes  
  • Backed by a two-year limited warranty
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