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Dash 3000

Advanced capabilities allow you to reliably move a patient throughout your enterprise, while feature-rich, no-compromise performance at the bedside helps maximize equipment utilization.   
Weighing only 5 kilo's, regardless of configuration, this lightweight monitor is made to move with a patient. The compact, ergonomic package, complete with integral power supply, allows easy handling. And drop-test rugged design means Dash 3000 is made to withstand your demanding portable applications.   
An extensive feature set enables you to create a portable monitoring solution capable of meeting a wide range of acuity demands. Many features you would only expect to find as options elsewhere are standard on Dash 3000 - including 3 and 5 lead ECG, pulse oximetry, noninvasive blood pressure, two temperatures and respiration.   
Dash 3000 also accommodates two invasive blood pressures, mainstream CO2 monitoring, and your choice of full arrhythmia, true 12-lead ECG with enhanced ST segment analysis, cardiac output and PA wedge procedures.





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Reduce noise on ECG Signal

Hi, I have problem with ECG signal while connect to the patient. It showing good signal when using with battery but once I plug to the main power, there are a lot of noise show up. By the way, it's working find with simulator even with battery...

Sound issue

Anybody else having issues with the Dash 3000s and malfunctioning sound? We have had dozens of these with the exact same issue, and the only resolve seems to be replacing the main board. Any input appreciated.

capnoflex etco2 repair

Has anyone had any luck with repairing capnoflex etco2 modules. Is there any user  replacable parts availble to BMETs? Any help would be appreciated. thanks as always guys.

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