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Matt, from Treasure Valley Hospital, posted the follow testimonial...

"The staff at MedWrench are very helpful. Several times I posted a question that did not have needed requirments Kaylee jumps in and suggests that I could supply more information or she refers me to information that has just been added or already exsists on MedWrench. I apperciate MedWrench so much I refer others to MedWrench from other repair forums. Thanks for providing this resource I would have spent to much time on researching information. -Matt Du Vall, Treasure Valley Hospital, ORBIS International"

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Todd is from Sacramento, CA. Todd started his career working for Hill-Rom, a medical equipment manufacture, some years ago. He quickly worked his way to a Field Technician position and was placed at UC Davis Med Center as the full time onsite tech for Hill-Rom, maintaining the bed inventory and architectural products of the ICU's and OR. This exposure sparked a strong interest in the Biomedical field. Todd immediately enrolled in college classes, manufacturer training courses, and 3rd party training to allow him the best opportunity to gain employment as a Biomed. Todd applied at his first choice, UC Davis Medical Center, and was hired.

"I am confident when I say I will be here till I retire. I love the work, and love where I work. This is an amazing career! I wish I found it sooner," shares Todd.

MedWrench Solves Tough Medical Equipment Problems and More

MedWrench, a product focused social networking site, provides a shared network for users of medical equipment and instruments. As a medical professional, you can get answers, find information about the equipment you use in your facility, and interact with others using the same equipment. The MedWrench networking site provides a community forum around medical equipment and instrumentation. The discussions are prompted by application notes, medical articles, user manuals, and videos, as well as questions and answers from other professionals providing product- specific reviews and troubleshooting tips from end users and industry experts.

As a member of MedWrench you can:

  • Get Answers to your most pressing medical equipment questions from people with similar experiences and challenges.
  • Provide answers to others with problems you have already overcome.
  • Find Opportunities to connect with other medical professionals, who can help you overcome the equipment challenges you face in your facility, find solutions to common issues others have had with specific equipment, or read comments on medical products you are thinking about purchasing.
  • Build Relationships and grow your network by having meaningful discussions with serious medical professionals who are using the same equipment you use now or are considering using in the future.
  • Find Quality Vendors and Service Providers to help equip and maintain the best possible equipment for your specific facility. Equipment and instruments are categorized by product type and brand, and over time we will add a directory of applicable vendors meeting your needs for service, parts, accessories and related products and services specific to each instrument.
  • Build a My Bench Page and start managing the equipment you've bookmarked and receive notifications directly from vendors and users when new product information becomes available.

Its free to join! Start building your medical bench of products and connect with your peers to post and answer questions about the medical equipment you use.

Already a MedWrench member? Follow these tips to make your membership more valuable:

  • Display Name: Having a display name that represents your company or your title will help build your presence on the site and ultimately engage others to click on your display name and learn more about you! It will also appear under any equipment that you add (This instrument was added by XYZCompany or BMET_John)
  • Update your About Me section: When other members click on your display name, they can learn more about you or your company all in one location. Include info about your research, type or work, or company info. This will give other members a better understanding of who you are.
  • Add a forum signature: People want to know whom they are talking to when they read questions or responses. Plus, its a great marketing tool! Put your name, company name, contact info, link to website, and link to any social media pages.
  • Create a forum avatar: Upload an image or logo so other members can put a face with your name!
  • Add items to your Bench: Catalogue the equipment that you use or provide/repair. This will allow you to receive alerts when anything is posted related to your items. Vendors can utilize My Bench by adding all of the products they carry or provide parts/repair for. This tool will allow you to engage with users of your equipment.
  • Share your knowledge: Help answer questions about products that you are knowledgeable about. Its a great way to build relationships and network. As a vendor, by providing an answer, it will help your organic search engine ranking and give you a social web presence.

We hope that you will find these suggestions useful and we look forward to seeing you more on MedWrench. If you have any questions or suggestions about using the site, contact:

Kaylee McCaffrey
MedWrench Product Manager

MedWrench is Officially Launched

Welcome to the MedWrench, a unique new website for biomedical engineers, nurses, doctors, and many other healthcare professionals. The vision of a MedWrench-style platform has been a dream for many years. We have received many requests from owners and operators of medical equipment who have questions about their equipment. With no central resource on the web already in existence, it was a clear where our attention was needed; and so construction began nearly two years ago.

MedWrench will be a comprehensive database of knowledge for medical equipment, and in the months and years to come will bring together the information that is scattered around the web in various discussion forums, literature, and user-groups. In time, each of the features and functions of MedWrench will be aimed at providing the most complete and efficient professional networking experience, serving as the central meeting point for all conversations around current and late model products in the healthcare industry.

We are calling MedWrench a "Product-Focused Social Network" because members may interact and connect to each other, however, those connections will be based on product relationships (people working with the same equipment and facing the same challenges). In many ways "The Wrench" as we like to call it also becomes an archive of valuable information and history about each product, a product Wiki of sorts. So it is in this way that we bring together all of the aspects of a Web 2.0 world and apply our years of industry experience to develop this unique website serving the medical equipment community.

We expect it will take some time to grow.
Our goal is to provide a comprehensive resource for all medical products, so the scope of this project is virtually infinite. We're going to do our best and connect people with questions, to people with answers. That of course will propagate naturally over time as our community is built, but will need to be supported in the early stages. That makes this project so challenging and expansive but I'm confident we will work hard on the short-term challenges we will face.

Our publications Medical Dealer Magazine and OR Today link to along with our partner LabX give us the existing user-base and promotional mediums to make the MedWrench a huge success. We expect MedWrench to fully develop over time and we are committed to building new features and functions and staying the course. Very soon, all of our web properties will be integrated and will share applicable information across each platform.

Feel free to send us questions, suggestions, improvements of any kind and we will continue to develop the MedWrench with your valued input. Email info@medwrench or call Toll Free: 866-989-7057 or 770-692-8371.


John Krieg
MD Publishing

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