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Saving image problem
Hey, guys. I have a costumer who said their 6800 "...
11 minutes ago
the TAC not initialized
the device has an error: Control error MAS ( E 00...
43 minutes ago
Failure to start
Hullo there, I have a problem of my machine to st...
2 hours ago
Error code 81
I understand that this indicates a CPU issue. Any...
3 hours ago

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BIOS settings
can someone help me to enter the bios settings? I...
6 days ago
Handpiece won't go into cooling
I have a regular cutera xeo, that you can plug a p...
23 days ago
No image on monitor but only white soft circle .
Dear Sirs, I have this problem with BV 29, Ever...
a month ago
Please help me to check
I have a samsung medison sonoace r7 not working. W...
4 months ago
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