About Us

Our mission is to be the go to resource for the medical equipment industry.

MedWrench is a product focused support network where medical professionals, purchasing administrators, manufacturers, dealers and industry experts can provide opinions, share ideas, and gather relevant information on medical technology and equipment.

MedWrench fosters guided dialogue with a targeted audience around critical medical equipment issues and provides the quickest way to find medical technology and equipment information – from solving problems to purchasing – all in one place.

Our Team

John Krieg

  • Born: Milwaukee, WI
  • Loves: Green Bay Packers, my family and golf
  • Spare Time: Golfing, traveling and drinking adult beverages
  • Dislikes: Egos and slow drivers in the left lane

Kennedy Krieg

Digital Marketing
  • Born: Ann Arbor, MI
  • Loves: Green Bay Packers, cheese and Friends
  • Spare Time: Watching celebrity documentaries, Orange Theory and puzzles
  • Dislikes: Mayonnaise, humidity, and heights

Diane Costea

  • Born: Somers Point, NJ
  • Loves: My family and all kinds of animals
  • Spare Time: Gardening, sewing and any kind of craft project
  • Dislikes: Lateness and empty rolls of toilet paper

Joanna Manjarrez

Administrative Assistant
  • Born: Oceanside, California
  • Loves: Being a mom (lol), Chocolate, binge watching tv shows (Vampire Diaries, Greys, Friends, etc), and exploring new things.
  • Spare Time: Binge watch tv shows, hang out with my kiddos, Go out with friends or hubby.
  • Dislikes: People chewing loudly, extremely crowded places, politics

Emma Vitkovitsky

Data Entry
  • Born: East Point, Georgia
  • Loves: Spending time with my daughter and boyfriend, dance, music, true crime shows, Lord of The Rings, pistachio almond ice cream
  • Spare Time: Likes to find different recipes to cook or bake
  • Dislikes: When other people drive, crowded places, dark chocolate

Ben Calibrating

The Face of MedWrench
  • Loves: Getting my photo taken
  • Spare Time: Traveling the world
  • Dislikes: None!
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