Product Showroom: Critical Care Monitors

This month, Medical Dealer explores current trends in critical care monitors.

Mon Jul 02 2012By Medical Dealer Magazine


Medical Dealer Magazine | Product Showroom | Philips

The Philips IntelliVue MX800 patient monitoring system provides immediate access to comprehensive patient information directly at the monitor. In addition to displaying and recording traditional data such as patient vital signs, the IntelliVue MX800 offers direct access to patient information from almost any system on a hospital’s IT infrastructure.

The MX800 also enables applications to run natively on the embedded informatics platform while keeping the real time patient monitoring separate and protected. This allows clinicians to easily view patient data from sources such as electronic medical records (EMRs), imaging studies and other clinical applications.


Medical Dealer Magazine | Product Showroom | Welch Allyn

The 777 Integrated Wall System is designed as a physical assessment solution for ambulatory and acute care settings that offers everything a busy medical practice or crowded emergency room needs to quickly examine patients and make critical decisions. The system’s new transformer features an energy-efficient power supply along with otoscope and ophthalmoscope handles that automatically turn on and off. Owners can also upgrade to Welch Allyn LED Lamps for greater efficiency. Standard instruments include an integrated otoscope and ophthalmoscope; noninvasive blood pressure; and SureTemp Plus oral, axillary and rectal thermometry with a built-in probe cover holder.


Medical Dealer Magazine | Product Showroom | CareScape

The CARESCAPE Monitor B850 is designed to help address issues, such as multiple data sources and incomplete data, that can arise in a critical care environment by combining uninterrupted data streams, bedside access to your patients’ electronic records and advanced tools to assess readiness for ventilator weaning. The intuitive interface is designed to be easy to use and minimize the risk of repeated tasks. Instruments include spirometry with gas exchange, SpO2 and CO2 parameters, a Pages and Views feature, which allows fast access to data, and ventilator data integration with GE’s Unity Network ID.


Medical Dealer Magazine | Product Showroom | LifeSciences

The Edwards Lifesciences vigilance II monitor, when used with the Swan-Ganz Advanced Technology catheters, gives the clinician the ability to present complex hemodynamic data in a simplified way. Continuous CO, SvO2, RVEDV, RVEF, SVR and other measured and derived parameters are presented on customized displays selected by the clinician. Onscreen, customized trend, data relationship and stat displays provide a complete picture of blood flow and tissue oxygenation for precision patient management. Interface with the bedside monitor for convenience and display of additional measured and derived parameters such as continuous SVR, DO2, DO2I, VO2, VO2I, O2EI, O2ER and VQI. The Vigilance II is available in both 100v (VIG2) and 200v (VIG2E).


Medical Dealer Magazine | Product Showroom | Connex

The welch Allyn Connex vital Signs Monitor is a touch screen monitor featuring bright colors, designed with minimal knobs and buttons for ease of cleaning. It is recommended for general care floors within the hospital and also for surgery centers and other ambulatory care offices. For hospitals, working with Connex VM software, clinicians can wirelessly send patient vitals directly to the EMR from the bedside, as the monitor connects to most leading EHR systems. Wireless capabilities are also available as an add-on after purchase. An advanced patient ID verifies the patient name. Physician offices can choose a specific workflow option: monitoring, spot check or triage.

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