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UK innovators take patient simulator to worldwide market

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AN INNOVATIVE manufacturer of biomedical test equipment is poised to launch its latest product at the world’s largest industry trade fair.

Rigel Medical, which has a USA office in Tampa, FL, aims to broaden its worldwide market share with its latest patient simulator technology.

The PatSim 200 puts medical equipment through its paces by mimicking the most common vital signs of patients, such as body temperature, blood pressure, heart-rate and respiration.

These tests are vital for highlighting faults with medical equipment in hospitals and healthcare facilities, ensuring that monitors are accurate in real patient situations.

Rigel’s expert team will unveil the product at the MEDICA trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, later this month.

The new device includes intuitive features such as a large color display and a memory function for users’ five most used sequences.

Andrew Teasdale, principal systems engineer, explained how the product development process took his team in this interesting direction.

He said: “Biomedical engineers perform a lot of tasks over the course of the day – our job is to streamline that process for them and save them time.

“We’ve listened to the feedback of our customers and built features that address their needs.

“For instance, biomedical engineers can spend minutes scrolling through test options, whereas they might only use a handful of tests regularly. We took inspiration from everyday items like digital radios, meaning that now users can recall their five ‘favorite’ sequences at the press of a button.”

Rigel engineers also took note of compatibility needs for users.

The result is that PatSim 200's cable ports are compatible with most hospital legacy  IBP and temperature cables, making it Rigel's most versatile simulator yet.

And, in a market-leading move, the device comes with a 90-day returns policy and a 5-year warranty for customers.

Andrew Upton, managing director at Seaward Group, Rigel Medical’s parent company, said: “The US medical industry demands high quality products, and that’s why we’re proud to bring our technology to the market.

“We're excited to be at another MEDICA trade fair and launching a fantastic new patient simulator.

“It's great to be part of the thriving medical community and to be able to make the lives of engineers, service companies and healthcare professionals a little bit easier.”

For more information, visit www.rigelmedical.com/medica.



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