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Used Agilent Instrument at MYCO

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MYCO Instrumentation has been around since 1978. Since its inception, the business has expanded worldwide serving the global medical market. We carry many refurbished medical equipment and a broad range of brand names. This includes used Agilent instrument. Agilent Technologies partners with laboratories providing instruments and services in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets.

Why We Recommend Getting a Used Agilent Instrument

Agilent Technologies is a reputable company combining health and technology to create useful equipment for the medical industry. They serve many customers in 110 countries and has had a history of innovation and leadership in life sciences and chemical analysis industries. They manufacture gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography instruments to name a few. Their quality products have helped doctors and other medical professionals to make more precise diagnoses in order to find the best therapies.

That said, MYCO only supplies quality refurbished equipment including used Agilent instrument. Some models we carry include Agilent 6230 TOF LC/MS system with Agilent 1200 front end. We also carry the Accurate-Mass Time-of Flight (TOF) LC/MS system that features the Agilent Jet Stream Thermal Focusing technology. This model is designed to provide quality data mining and analysis capabilities.

Getting Your Reliable Equipment While Saving Money

Medical equipment can be on a pricy end. However, at MYCO, we make it less stressful for you by providing you affordable used equipment that still does the perfect job. Our inventory consists of high-end products and we assure you that we provide our customers what they need at a reasonable price within their budget.

Not only do we sell equipment, but we also buy quality used equipment. Feel free to browse our list of wanted medical equipment as we invite all healthcare organizations.

If you have any questions regarding our list of products including our used Agilent instrument, please contact us at (800) 414 7169. We are here to serve you!



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