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HTMA-Georgia to hold first conference

· 9 months ago by  TechNation Magazine

HTMA-SC has invited HTMA-GA to join them when they hold their annual conference on May 5, according to an email from the HTMA-GA Board.
This one-day affair may be preceded by some specialized training or meetings – this has not been finalized. There will be at least 12 educational classes presented, full breakfast and lunch, and a general meeting, with refreshments and prize drawings. All of this will be at NO COST to attendees. HTMA-SC has figured out how to provide the meeting facility, food, presenters, exhibit hall, prizes, and even some beer and wine at the end of the day, without any cost to the attendees.
“And they will be sharing the net proceeds from the conference with HTMA-GA.  So let’s plan on a great turnout.  Put it on your calendar to make a trip to Columbia, SC (not Columbus, Georgia), for this all-day meeting that will start at 8 AM on Friday May 5, 2017,” according to the email.
“We will be helping with the planning and education selection. So email the Board at bd@HTMA-GA.org and tell us what classes would inspire you to make the drive to Columbia, SC to attend,” the email adds.
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