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Benefits of a Service Repair Company

To use a service repair company, or to not use a service repair company? We talked with Neil Davidson at ReNew Biomedical to answer this question once and for all!

Mon Nov 13 2017By Mia DeBiase

This week on our Ask the Expert series, we are discussing a question that has been frequently asked throughout the industry: to use a service repair company, or to not use a service repair company? We talked with Neil Davidson at ReNew Biomedical to answer this question once and for all!

1. Is it more cost effective to use a service repair company as opposed to not? If so, how?

Using a service repair company is more cost effective for medical settings with a small and/or specific inventory. For example, a fire department, EMS fleet or walk-in clinic will have a limited amount of equipment that does not require a year-round biomed. We provide as-needed service and repair, and the required annual checks, calibration and maintenance.
In the hospital setting, where equipment is typically sent to the manufacturer for repairs or service, we can save them dollars, as ReNew is typically 50 percent cheaper than the OEM, and we do not charge for evaluations. Most manufacturers charge just to diagnose a problem, whether the facility elects to repair the machine or not.

2. How does the quality of service repair companies compare to in-house service?

In-house service has its place, but our commitment to quality is second to none. As a specialized biomedical repair company, we have devoted time and in-service hours to hands-on training that have made us masters on what we repair. In-house biomeds are responsible for every piece of equipment, big or small, and must get them fixed as fast as they can and move on. We take our time to fully diagnose and repair your items, and return them with a 1-year warranty on all repair parts and labor. Choosing to narrow our scope to specialize in repairing defibrillators, IV pumps, vents and vital signs monitors allows us to work more knowledgeably and efficiently to get our customers back in business.

3. Is the training at service repair companies up-to-date?

ReNew Biomedical's technicians attend manufacture training and use NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable test equipment. We have developed an apprenticeship program for new hires, and all techs must obtain their CBET certification within three years of being hired. We strive to provide our customers with knowledge and certified technicians. 

4. What is the timeline for repairs? Is it faster than in-house?

In-house service must triage and prioritize equipment, which adds to downtime. We offer free evaluations within three business days, and typical repairs are completed within 48 hours of being approved. We will not start on repairs without a full cost breakdown to you - no hidden or surprise charges. We are faster than in-house service departments, since we stock repair parts. In-house techs must research and order the parts, leaving the lead time up to the manufacturer as they wait for parts.

5. How do service repair companies help with capital planning?

Our service plans are about 25 percent cheaper than the manufacturer. ReNew will notify customers when equipment is due for maintenance or scheduled parts replacements are required by the manufacturer, such as battery or electrode charges.
We log all of your equipment, and can provide spreadsheets to help track and maintain your equipment costs, and assist with capital planning.

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