Need Medical Equipment? Buy it Now!

Connect with reputable vendors directly!

Wed Nov 04 2020By The MedWrench Team

The Buy Now program enables buyers to purchase products directly through the MedWrench website. Search to see if we are currently filtering in any equipment or parts that you want to purchase directly from reputable vendors. 

  • Instant access to purchasing equipment and parts.
  • Easily search thousands of product listings.
  • View detailed product information.
  • Add directly to your cart.
  • Secure checkout via PayPal.

You can access the Buy Now section by using your top navigation or clicking, here. Use the search toolbar to find equipment, parts, and supplies. 


Next, click on the product title to view details, shipping information, and seller information.


Then, add to your cart and go through the steps to checkout. It's that easy! The seller will receive a notification and you will receive your item directly from the seller. 

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